Air Steril

Air Filtration / Infection Control
Eliminate offensive odours & control infections. Airsteril products improve environments in washrooms, care homes, healthcare, hotels, catering, offices, health clubs, schools, airports, stations, cinemas, vets, food production, waste processing and many more.

Decarboniser System

Industrial Degreaser
Remove stubborn grease from any kitchen tool: pots, pans, filters, trays, kitchen hooks, burners.

Cutlery Polisher

Automatic Dryer and Polisher
This automatic cutlery dryer machine is designed to dry and polish the cutlery after washing it, getting it brighter and removing the water and lime marks. It dries and polishes your cutlery automatically, be it your everyday stainless steel cutlery or the best silver you possess. The cutlery polisher itself is manufactured with stainless Steel, […]

Glass Polisher

Glass Polisher and Dryer
The RDI Glass Polisher provides an innovative way of drying & polishing glasses and cups, that will finish the hard job of manual drying. It will also provide the process with more hygiene and cleanliness, and a professional finishing in a few seconds.

Bottle Crusher

Glass Disposal
Crush all your bottles quickly and easily – great for saving space and essential now as a result of changes on suppliers’ policy on returns.

Table Leveller

Equalize Unbalanced Table Legs
Equalizers are reinforced plastic feet, each housing a stainless steel thread which, when compressed by pressing down on the table top, activates our hydraulic stabilisation technology, taking the wobble out of your table.

Food Waste Reduction System

Reduce Waste Disposal Costs
The RDI Food Waste System reduces food waste volume by up to 80%, reducing food waste bin movements and enhancing hygiene.

Purehold PRO

Gel Dispensing Hygienic Door Handle
unique, revolutionary door handle sanitiser, that automatically dispenses sanitising gel onto the user's hand as they pull open the door.

HEPA Air Purifier

HEPA Air Purification
Everyone should have the right to breathe healthy and fresh air, that much is clear. Our fast and urbanized way of living creates a harmful indoor environment. We offer this unit to fight back against air pollution, serve as an air filter for asthma and provide a better, cleaner home for you. A portable air […]
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