Bedpan & Emesis

Hygie offers a range of revolutionary products in the field of hygiene, designed to make life easier and simpler for all users. Our products consist of Supports and Hygienic Covers® capable of managing body fluids that are partly responsible for nosocomial infections.

This revolutionary bedpan cover® is the perfect solution to effectively manage and contain body wastes at point of care. Its unique highly absorbent pad included in each commode cover (liner) is designed to turn more than 700 ml of body fluids (urine, blood and feces) into gel within seconds, letting you rest easy when you need it most. 

The Hygienic Bedpan Covers® are made from recycled material and the super-absorbent pad is made from 100% recycled material, suitable for institutions and home care.

Main pros:

Reduces infections


No cleaning

No spills

Easy to integrate

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