Semmelweis Hand Hygiene Scanner

Hand Hygiene Scanner
Neonatal endorsement on the importance of using the Semmelweis Scanner to reduce infection in this critical area- click here

The World Leader in Hand Hygiene Training Systems

The world’s first evidence-based hand hygiene compliance tool, designed to significantly improve everybody’s hand hygiene, showcase quality improvement and reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases. 

The Hand-in-Scan™ System is the Answer You’ve Been Looking For!

A seamless integration of a dedicated quality program, artificial intelligence and self-serve training device, with advanced analytical and dashboard software, makes this hand hygiene scanner the go-to device for all your hand sanitising needs. A hand hygiene training system that thinks for you. 

Using the hand sanitiser app is intuitive and efficient, to ensure clean hands whenever its most important. Used as an office hand sanitiser for example, it significantly improves hygiene even in the most “touchy” places. 

Designed by global leaders in hand hygiene and healthcare

A user-friendly system that rewards learning and improvement

Options that are built to suit the needs of your unique facility

Reduce costs from your current process while improving hand hygiene outcomes

Free up your staff from hand hygiene training for significant time savings and reallocation of important IPAC expertise

Automatically showcase hand hygiene improvements to management, Leapfrog and Accreditation

Ensure a high standard of hand hygiene across all staff



  1. This hand hygiene system takes 30 seconds for a complete contactless hand scan and output of results.
  2. The user applies a training gel and inserts each hand into the Semmelweis Scanner™
  3. The scanner identifies and captures areas of the hands at the pixel level.
  4. Artificial Intelligence analysis detects anomalies in the scan (i.e. rings, jewelry, etc.).
  5. Augmented-Reality displays a 3D overlay of clean/dirty areas on the users hands.
  6. The user’s score is displayed with a Pass/Fail comparative to your high standards.
  7. Results are sent to a real-time management dashboard with your Semmelweis Score™

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