Glass Polisher

Glass Polisher and Dryer

A glass polisher machine for drying and polishing glasses, cups and other, similar containers, that will finish with the usually hard job of the manual drying. The glass cleaner will also provide the process with more hygiene and cleanliness than a manual cleaning and provides a professional finishing in a few seconds on top.

In order to keep your cups and glasses in a perfect hygiene, cleanliness and presentation state, the glass dryer machine needs a meticulous drying process indeed; the absence of any water or lime marks on the glasses is an essential point in the image of any business, after all.

A glass polisher machine in your business that serves as your hotel dishwasher for example  will create a professional image in your customers’ eyes – we guarantee it.

Its natural, absorbing and flexible brushes can be fit to different cups and glass sizes and shapes, making the washing process easier and significantly decreasing the time you employ in the drying process, so you can spend your time serving your customers.

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