Cutlery Polisher

Automatic Dryer and Polisher

This automatic cutlery dryer machine is designed to dry and polish the cutlery after washing it, getting it brighter and removing the water and lime marks. It dries and polishes your cutlery automatically, be it your everyday stainless steel cutlery or the best silver you possess.

The cutlery polisher itself is manufactured with stainless Steel, a durable and reliable material for maximum toughness.

Thanks to the small dimensions and effectively compact design, the cutlery cleaner is ideal to work on any surface you throw at it. 

Our machines are much quieter compared to any other, similar silverware polisher, due to the installed fan motor at the end of the circuit. This fan motor provides the cutlery cleaner with hot air, so the wet cutlery will be dried effectively and it will remove the humidity from the machine.

The UV lamp we have installed in the machine helps us to sterilize the cutlery and granulate it during the process. So give your hotel dishwasher a rest – your cutlery deserves better.

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