Pill Crusher

Commercial-Grade Pill Crusher

Efficiency Versus Inefficiency

Manual pill crushing protocol is tedious, cumbersome and inefficient. When nurses crush pills manually, they can do nothing but crush pills at that time, making time management even more crucial. Manual pill crushing is labour intensive and outdated, while the SafeCrush™ portable pill crusher system is user-friendly and efficient.

Importantly, SafeCrush™ gives nurses back much-needed time to take care of patients. In fact, at least 27 seconds of time is returned to nurses during each pill crushing cycle. In terms of efficiency and cost savings, SafeCrush™ gives back 27 seconds x 100 = 2700 seconds when nurses crush pills 100 times per day. That’s 45 minutes per day, which, as we can all agree, can be spend a lot better.

A Product of Years of Research & Development

Say goodbye to injured staff. Say goodbye to the incessant banging of pill crushers, large difficult-to-swallow chunks of medicine and clogged feeding tubes. This battery operated pill crusher takes care of it all.

Automatic Operation

Use the Safecrush Pill Crusher to eliminate repetitive strain injuries from manual crushing and create a finer crush that’s suitable for feeding tubes

Low Noise Profile

Running on batteries makes the device quieter than manual crushing


Pulverises medications to a fine powder and facilitates accurate and reproducible doses

Save Time

Staff can effortlessly crush hundreds of pills an hour with less fatigue than manual crushing

Easy to Use

Features a simple, intuitive interface with advanced sensors to detect user error

Rechargeable Battery

Powerful yet portable

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