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Does a Bottle Crusher Make Sense for my Business?

Empty glass bottles occupy precious space in the bar service area – space which more often than not could be put to more profitable uses like storing additional stock or extra lines.

• Managing empty glass bottles also takes up valuable staff time which is often at the expense of serving paying customers at the bar.

• Crushing reduces the total cost of managing waste glass, frees up valuable floor space both in the bar and in the waste glass storage area.

• Crushing waste glass bottles saves the environment – approximately 290kg of CO2 is saved for every one tonne of container glass recycled.

• Waste glass in cullet form does not generate complaints over ‘bottle clinking’ noise pollution often experienced when tipping whole bottles.

• Glass is 100% recyclable & can be recycled endlessly without a loss in quality making it a crucial raw material for manufacturing of fresh bottles.


Questions to Ask When Considering a Bottle Crusher


What is a glass bottle crusher?

A waste glass bottle crusher is a stand-alone machine which crushes, breaks or smashes waste glass bottles or jars typically produced within the hospitality industry. Crushing waste glass bottles reduces their volume by 80% and cuts the costs associated with managing, storing and disposing of the waste glass.

How does a glass bottle crusher work?

Waste glass bottles are fed into the bottle crusher where they
are smashed or crushed into small fragments called cullet –
86% of the cullet produced by a RDI Waste Reduction
Equipment bottle crusher is above 8mm making it
100% reprocessable into new glass bottles.

What are the different types of glass bottle crushers available?

RDI Waste Reduction Equipment offer a range of waste glass bottle crushers which span from
the single-feed ‘Baby Jaws’ under-the-counter
machine to the volume fed ‘Mega Jaws’ which is
CAPpable of crushing up to 680 bottles in 10 minutes.

What happens to the waste glass?

The crushed glass or cullet is taken from the bar to the waste
glass storage area where it’s generally stored in a 140 Litre
wheelie bin until collection by the waste management company.

Please click here for our PDF guide to bottle crushers

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