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HEPA Air Purifier

Published on 6th April 2022 under Blog Topic -
Everyone should have the right to breathe healthy and fresh air, that much is clear. Our fast and urbanized way of living creates a harmful indoor environment. We offer this unit to fight back against air pollution, serve as an air filter for asthma and provide a better, cleaner home for you. A portable air […]

Capture Coating

Published on 16th August 2021 under Blog Topic -
Capture Coating™ is designed and formulated for all types of HVAC air filter media using patented nanotechnology that imparts superhydrophobicity, non-toxicity, and breathability without affecting airflow, energy efficiency, and HVAC equipment.

RDI Baler

Published on 19th May 2021 under Blog Topic -
The RDI Baler range will compact cardboard to bale sizes from 55kg to 500kg – robust and reliable systems to lower your waste costs.

RDI Bin Press

Published on 19th May 2021 under Blog Topic -
The Bin press is designed to compact waste in 1100 litre and 660 litre Bins – normally a three to one compaction is achieved. This is a great product for maximising space and reducing the number of bin lifts.

Food Waste Reduction System

Published on 19th May 2021 under Blog Topic -
The RDI Food Waste System reduces food waste volume by up to 80%, reducing food waste bin movements and enhancing hygiene.
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