Tritón is the only healthcare product specifically approved for use between the operating table and the patient.

                                                           Image Operating Table  

Tritón is a disposable, impermeable and absorbent sheet developed for use on operating tables in the operating theatre. It keeps the patient’s skin completely dry and stops the operating table from becoming soiled.
Tritón replaces the layers of plastic, sheets and underpads presently used. It is also recommended for use in treatment or plaster rooms, gynaecological examination or urology tables, biopsies and, in its sterile version, on burns unit beds. Its elastic bottom sheet version is perfect for use on hospital beds, in geriatric centres and in homes.
It is particularly useful for operating tables and delivery beds to prevent contamination from the table and reduce the use of strong disinfectants that damage the mats and table parts.
It simultaneously protects the patient’s skin from sores as it dries completely barely a minute after getting wet.…/Catalog-Clinivbest-2017.pdf < – Click here for full catalogue