Intake Stations - range of sizes

Intake Station – range of sizes

RDI Systems have been installing Food Waste Reduction Systems for over 15 years – customers range from canteens to hotels of all sizes and waste volumes. The RDI Food Waste System is customised to suit the premises – normally the food waste is processed in the kitchen area using an RDI Intake Station.

The waste is pumped from the Intake to a Holding Tank that is normally located in a service yard or dedicated waste room. At the end of the process the waste is delivered automatically from the Holding Tank to the RDI Dehydrator which is located adjacent to the tank. The Dehydrator removes the water from the waste with the remaining solid matter collected in a 140lt bin. The result is a reduction in waste volume by up to 80%. Apart from this beneficial reduction the RDI System eliminates food waste bin movements and enhances hygiene.

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