Why is it “normal” for nurses to crush pills all day, every day and hurt themselves? To us, this seems incomprehensible. And, quite frankly, it is. We subsequently discovered that the incessant “banging” of pill crushing deeply disturbs elderly patients. We were not brought up in or trained in the nursing profession, but this “normal” shouldn’t  be “normal”. Unfortunately, for nurses, from college to workplace, this is “normal”.  Medical professionals spend an inordinate amount of time and money to obtain their degree. And, once they receive their degree, they go to a workplace that immediately exposes them, repetitively, every day, to injury and illness. Let us change the World together to a new “normal”; a “normal” where the pill crushing protocol no longer exposes nurses to injury and illness and no longer disturbs our elderly clients. Call it, “The New Normal” – and eliminate manual pill crushing.

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