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Published on 2nd August 2023 under Blog Topic -
Effective wound therapy with cold plasma aerosol for different wound types CHRONIC WOUNDS Do not heal even over a very long time (> 8 weeks). Common wound types: Diabetic foot, decubitus ulcer & venous leg ulcer. SECONDARY HEALING WOUNDS Are usually extensive/gaping with large tissue loss (e.g., burns) or bacterially infected (e.g., after dog bite) […]

HEPA Air Purifier

Published on 6th April 2022 under Blog Topic -
Everyone should have the right to breathe healthy and fresh air, that much is clear. Our fast and urbanized way of living creates a harmful indoor environment. We offer this unit to fight back against air pollution, serve as an air filter for asthma and provide a better, cleaner home for you. A portable air […]


Published on 2nd May 2021 under Blog Topic -
BPro Evo is capable of capturing Blood Pressure (BP) over 24 hours via the wrist. It is convenient to use, light weight, non disruptive, cuffless, and takes a BP reading every 15 minutes over 24 hours (96 in total).


Published on 2nd May 2021 under Blog Topic -
Germstar® specializes in the highest quality hand sanitizing products on the market. Our stylish touchless dispensers encourage sanitization compliance. Our premium liquid hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs without the sticky residue of a gel or a foam.
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