GDPR 2018

Personal Data under GDPR

  • Why are we holding your data?
    To keep track of your orders, to inform you on new products, and to share the latest developments about our technologies.
  • How did we obtain it?
    You previously engaged with RDI Systems Ltd either through email marketing, face to face or at an exhibition or a networking event
  • Why was it originally gathered?
    We collected your name, address and email/phone number to keep track of your orders and to inform you of new products and services.
  • How long will we retain it?
    We will keep the data only for as long as you want us to.
  • How secure is it, both in terms of encryption and accessibility?
    The access to your data is available by providing the password, there is only offline access to it and it is limited to our qualified employees.
  • Do we ever share it with third parties and on what basis?
    We never share your data with any third party and we will not do so without your consent.

Your rights under the GDPR include:
• subject access to have inaccuracies corrected
• to have information erased
• to object to direct marketing
• to restrict the processing of their information, including automated decision-making
• data portability

What will happen after received a request from you wishing to exercise your rights under the GDPR?
• We will need maximum 1 working day to locate (and correct or delete) the data from       RDI Systems Ltd Data Base.
• The decisions about deletion are up to the person taking the request. An information email needs to be sent to the supervisor after fulfilling the request.
• On request, we can prepare a file containing your details and sales details in a PDF format.