A BRIEF OVERVIEW: Coatings to protect buildings and enhance air quality(neutralise Nox)

Industrial and exhaust exhalations, organic contaminants from plastics and many other substances around us are threat to human health and they lower the quality of our environment.

According to the WTO, more than 15% of chronic diseases are caused by bad air quality.
A high percentage of allergies, contagious infections, bad odors or darkening of facades are a few examples of the impacts of contaminated air.  Man is forced to protect himself and one exciting possibility is the use of photocatalytic coatings.

Photocatalytic paints became available on the market more than 20 years ago, however, their effectiveness for air purification varied. Their photocatalytic efficiency is often purely symboli because binders which are in the composition of the paint, actually block the photocatalytic effect of TiO.
With low efficiency for air purification, based on sili-cone materials, organic silicates and inorganic binders , these 1st generation coatings have survived on the market mainly for
their self cleaning application.

Covering the surface of TiO FN Coating is patented for up to 100% use of this photocatalytic
activity – as much as 70% higher compared to 1st generation photocatalytic paints on the market.

FN Coating’s advanced use of this amazing photocatalytic technology makes
them the first registered product as an air purification system, taking this technology
to the next level.

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